I still remember one of my first photograph trips.  I was on a family vacation in Yellowstone when I was a teenager.  My Dad pulled the station wagon over and I started stalking the moose in the tall grass.  Each time the bull put his head down to graze, I took a couple of l quite steps forward.  I was using my Mothers camera which required 620 film, the top flipped open requiring you to peer down into the view fielder.  Weeks later, after returning from the vacation and sending the film into be processed, I got the results.  I was hooked.


During the high school years, I served on the school newspaper and yearbook.  Most of my assignments were sports related.  I remember my senior year of soccer.  I was on the soccer team and we were headed to the New Jersey State Playoffs.  I was clearly the weakest player on the team.  I asked the coach if I could not dress down and take pictures from the sidelines.  He was shocked at the request and said “I should do what I thought was best”.  This spring I will be showing some of those black and white photos at my 40th high school reunion.


I traveled/backpacked often between my summer jobs and college classes.  My subjects of choice were wildlife and landscapes of the Rockies, Sierras, and Cascades.  Upon graduating from college, I travel to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and many western states competing in Professional Logging Sports with the tree climb and tree topping events my emphasis.  These travels provided landscapes, wildlife and cultures as subjects to shoot.


As a proud father of a son and daughter, my focus changed at first to those baby photos by the thousands to share with relatives and save for them when they have families.  They played soccer, basketball, baseball, football, track and cross country; bringing me back full circle to my high school days.


A question I have been often asked in an interview is a no brainer for me to answer.  “What would be your ideal job?”  I would love to be a photographer for National Geographic.  This vocation would combine my love of photography and traveling to new places.


Contact email:  [email protected]


Current Equipment:             Nikon D750               f/4 16-35mm


f/4 24-120mm            f/5-6.3 150-600mm